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4912RE: [PPLetterpress] 3 phase to single, help please.

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  • Michael T. Metz
    Nov 7, 2005
      Bingo Fritz. I think you scored on that one.
      That's a $25 fix.

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      If you are referring to the breaker on the motor control switch that is on
      the press, then the same thing happened with our press using a rotary
      converter. We consulted with our local electrician who is a master licensed
      guy, and he suggested that we needed a new motor control switch or to change
      the heater links in the control that trip the breaker. We never tripped the
      main breaker in the electric panel that this press runs off. So, we just
      eliminated the breaker in the motor starter switch and it has run well since
      on many thousands of impressions. We couldn't figure if it had something to
      do with the use of the converter, or something else. I don't think it is a
      safety issue with the motor overheating because I am always present when the
      press is running and the motor never seems to get that hot. I cleaned out
      years of accumulated dust, lint, and crud inside the motor that was blocking
      air flow, and it just hums along.


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      > Michael T. Metz wrote:
      >>Does the motor bog down when you engage
      >>the clutch? What are the other specs on
      >>the motor? RPM, etc.
      > It's 1750 RPM, as I recall. The other specs meet or exceed the
      > Heidelberg requirements as posted earlier. The motor doesn't bog down
      > or cause other problems- it's only when running a heavy forme on a long
      > run at high speed that it pops the breaker. And even then, it's like
      > every 8 or 9 hundred it shuts off, unless I crank the speed down. Which
      > I do- I like it to keep running and anyway someone told me it's bad to
      > keep popping a breaker.
      > It's all on the level of minor annoyance, but as a believer in Doing It
      > Right I aspire to restoring the three-phase power. Now I feel like a
      > bit of a whiner; but in the great internet tradition of maximum
      > information, there is my experience with single phase.
      > Heidelberg may have accomodated the need to use single-phase power, but
      > I'm sure the machines were engineered with three-phase in mind. It's
      > standand, for industrial applications.
      > Joel

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