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4909Re: [PPLetterpress] 3 phase to single, help please.

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  • Joel at D.L.
    Nov 6, 2005
      Michael T. Metz wrote:

      >Does the motor bog down when you engage
      >the clutch? What are the other specs on
      >the motor? RPM, etc.

      It's 1750 RPM, as I recall. The other specs meet or exceed the
      Heidelberg requirements as posted earlier. The motor doesn't bog down
      or cause other problems- it's only when running a heavy forme on a long
      run at high speed that it pops the breaker. And even then, it's like
      every 8 or 9 hundred it shuts off, unless I crank the speed down. Which
      I do- I like it to keep running and anyway someone told me it's bad to
      keep popping a breaker.

      It's all on the level of minor annoyance, but as a believer in Doing It
      Right I aspire to restoring the three-phase power. Now I feel like a
      bit of a whiner; but in the great internet tradition of maximum
      information, there is my experience with single phase.

      Heidelberg may have accomodated the need to use single-phase power, but
      I'm sure the machines were engineered with three-phase in mind. It's
      standand, for industrial applications.

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