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4874Re: Comic Sans et al

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  • Gerald Lange
    Oct 31, 2005

      I'm hoping you can shed more light on this. Since it worked. . .

      The encoding is quite crucial to success. What specifically were your
      incoming and outgoing "preferences" for "encoding" with the OT Jenson?

      Offlist if you prefer.


      --- In PPLetterpress@yahoogroups.com, Dan Franklin <dan@v...> wrote:
      > Hi, Gerald.
      > >Are you using the new Studio 5? I've got the 4.6 manual and that is
      > >the one I was talking about.
      > Ouch. I'm using 4.6 with a manual I downloaded 2 or 3 months ago.
      > >I haven't had the hinting problems with PS1 that would cause screen
      > >disturbance. The sequence I use is based on the old Altys "underground
      > >manual," which dealt with the metrics issues fairly thoroughly. These
      > >are just sort of assumed in the FL manual. It's hardly for dummies.
      > >(Did you see today's Microsoft Typography's comment?)
      > 'Font seeks editor ... FontLab need not apply.' That's good!
      > >Basically, I'm hoping that since FL has broken the FOG code and intend
      > >to make the editor OT aware and a middle range editor rather than a
      > >type design program, that I can stay with it and be fairly comfy.
      > Actually, they *bought* the FOG code and hired on as consultant the
      > fellow who's been trying to support it all these years.
      > Don't forget -- you can stay up an hour later tonight. Clocks change
      > at 2 <smallcaps>a.m.<endsmallcaps>.
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