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4870Re: [PPLetterpress] Re: Comic Sans et al

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  • Gerald Lange
    Oct 29, 2005
      Hi again

      Early info was that Adobe just gave it to them as part of the merger
      with Macromedia and as I recall (but don't ever depend upon that!) Yuri
      mentioned in T-D that they had broken the code. I guess it sticks as I
      thought it strange.

      Yeah, "Der Font Meister." Ever consider that it might just be the other way round? Except to kick it up to PowerMac functionality FOG was not upgraded while owned by Macromedia for over nine years. And that technical support info was mostly Altys reissue.


      >Actually, they *bought* the FOG code and hired on as consultant the
      >fellow who's been trying to support it all these years.
      >Don't forget -- you can stay up an hour later tonight. Clocks change
      >at 2 <smallcaps>a.m.<endsmallcaps>.
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