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48Re: contact frames

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  • Gerald Lange
    Aug 24, 2001
      Dear Joel and all

      You can get rubber magnetic sheeting of the type used in plate washout
      units and also, I understand, on the PatMag, from Anderson & Vreeland
      (tradenamed MagBack), and I suspect from other plate processing
      machine manufacturers. It can be glued down with contact cement (to a
      sheet of 3/8 inch Plexiglas) for water washout uses. Bunting Magnetics
      also sells an amazing variety of the stuff, whatever configuration you
      can come up with, they have it. Handy stuff, we use it all around the
      shop. Recently needed to raise a glass collotype plate to about type
      high on an iron hand press. Stuff worked great. One piece double
      sticked to the glas and away you go, with the added benefit of some
      useful resiliance under pressure of the platen.


      "Joel Benson" <joel.benson@p...> wrote:
      > The stuff they use for making those signs that stick on doors of cars
      > and trucks is heavier and stronger than the stuff they use for
      > business-card-type magnets. There may be an even heavier-duty product
      > out there, since I think this rubber magnet stuff has applications in
      > electric motors and other industrial machines, but I wouldn't know how
      > to spec it.
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