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4736Re: Stock question - Heidelberg Windmill

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  • John G. Henry
    Oct 3, 2005
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      The key to running heavy stock on the Heidelberg windmill is that it
      be flexible enough to bend as it leaves the sucker bar as it is held
      in the gripper bar.

      Ifr the board will not flex, it will either be pulled out of the
      grippers or will get "beat up" as it spins around the arc to the
      porinting position.

      If the sheet is fairly small, one might be able to run without
      difficulty, but if it is full width and length, you will experience

      Heidelberg made a special feeder bar which allowed the suckers to
      get further out of the way in order to print on stiff materials.

      There are examples of the use of this special sucker bar in their
      publication Hints for the Pressman.

      I'd suggest giving it a try before committing to a job.

      If you have a handfed press, or a Kluge, you will have no problem
      feeding this heavy stock.

      I tried to help a fellow get a larger windmill up and running for
      printing coasters, and we ran into this difficulty. Prior to that
      experience, I guess I had never attempted such heavy material.

      John G. Henry
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