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4629Re: Toyoba Printight 152 / Rigilon MX II 145 / BASF WS 152

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  • Gerald Lange
    Sep 1, 2005

      Well, Martha has single handedly given letterpress a second wind so
      perhaps we owe her a tip of the hat. Likely some fine printers should
      schedule a meeting with her, show her some fine press books with
      appropriate impression and it will all change by the next issue of
      Martha Stewart Living. I can envision it now, "letterpress gets its
      beauty from its impression into the paper, which captures light and
      shadow in a magical way. . . but NOT too much impression mind you, or
      you will ruin the effect." That would do it.


      > I do not have experience with Toyoba or Printight, but in general, for
      > very heavy impressions, I have done well with polymer. It certainly
      > stands up much longer than does lead type to the demands of the Martha
      > Stewart Heavy Impression Generation.
      > I hope to see a lot more feedback from Toyoba users.
      > --Scott
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