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4622Re: Toyoba Printight 152 / Rigilon MX II 145 / BASF WS 152

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  • Gerald Lange
    Sep 1, 2005
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      What is the sequence you use for the Rigilon? I think it would be
      useful for folks to provide their "successful" sequences here. Of
      course they would need to be very specific to be of any use to others:
      Machine. Manufacturer/Brand/Formulation Code. Exposure time, washout
      time, drying time, post-exposure time. Purpose. Even sources would be

      For instance (with my A&V Orbital machine) running Toyobo Printight
      152 GRs (steel-backed), which I buy from A&V, I have a generic
      sequence for deep impression as 6 minutes exposure, 5 minutes washout
      (90 degrees F), 15 minutes drying time (150 degrees F) and 12 minutes
      post-exposure. I modify this a bit per client dependent upon their
      intended use and practices.

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