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4619Re: [PPLetterpress] Re: Toyoba Printight 152 / Rigilon MX II 145 / BASF WS 152

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  • Scott Rubel
    Sep 1, 2005
      I do not have experience with Toyoba or Printight, but in general, for
      very heavy impressions, I have done well with polymer. It certainly
      stands up much longer than does lead type to the demands of the Martha
      Stewart Heavy Impression Generation.

      I hope to see a lot more feedback from Toyoba users.


      elumdesigns wrote:
      > We have used Owosso for our magnesium plates. We bought a processing
      > machine from A&V in order to pull the plate process in-house. We
      > output plates everyday and its saving us a tremendous amount of money
      > as well as the fact that we now have controll over everything we do
      > with the exception of film.
      > Which Toyoba product would you recommend? Yes, we are going for a
      > deep impression and some of or invitations and stationery have a lot
      > of heavy coverage.
      > I believe that the Rigilon is a moulding plate, this is the reason why
      > its harder and isnt crushing.
      > With the Printight and some other products we found that we were
      > losing some of the dots above the "i" and smaller serifs that we use
      > in our designs. It seemed that the font wouldnt "bounce back" after
      > the impression. But, I might have been using the wrong material, still
      > not sure.
      > Brad
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