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4525Re: Sheeps Wool Brush For Bronzing

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  • Gerald Lange
    Aug 15, 2005
      Yes, thus the reason for the inquiry regarding sheeps wool. I've read
      every bit of historical writing on the subject that I could get my
      hands on. Specifically in regard to bronzing done on rough surfaced
      (dampened) handmade paper. I think I've got a pretty good handle on it
      now. "The old guys" did have solutions for the various problems
      associated with bronzing but they do involve certain techniques and
      specific materials. But they didn't have one thing that we do, an itty
      bitty battery powered vacuum cleaner (slightly modifed). Some old,
      some new, looks like I might have a pretty good handle on this.

      Thanks to all who replied (and supplied). When all is said and done
      I'll file my report :—)


      > Coarse fibered stock, and that will be most uncoated sheets other than
      > smooth finish book, index, and bond papers, will trap the bronze powder.
      > Fritz
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