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4495Re: Sheeps Wool Brush For Bronzing

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  • Gerald Lange
    Aug 13, 2005

      Well, initially I did think about this, just because I thought the
      shape useful. But they don't tell you what the brushes are made of. I
      did learn that camel hair brushes are made from squirrel tail but no
      further information on the chemical part of all of this. Best sources
      seem to be those old 19th c. recipe books. Have a bunch of them.
      Sheeps wool.


      > You might investigate the range of brushes that are sold to apply
      > (cosmetic powders).
      > Graham Moss
      > Incline Press
      > 36 Bow Street
      > Oldham OL1 1SJ England
      > http://www.inclinepress.com
      > On 12/8/05 23:17, "Gerald Lange" <bieler@w...> wrote:
      > > In the 1900 ATF specimen catalog sheeps wool pads were offered for
      > > bronzing. Does anyone know of a current industry that might supply
      > > brushes or pads made of sheeps wool? I've Goggled.
      > >
      > > Gerald
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