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4494Re: [PPLetterpress] Re: Sheeps Wool Brush For Bronzing

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  • Kathleen Whalen
    Aug 13, 2005
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      Ah, now I understand a little better. What about the sheepskin gloves, with
      the sheepswool inside them? Or the mitts made for fines polishing? Lanolin
      is available bottled as an oil if that's the major factor.

      Graham Moss
      Incline Press
      36 Bow Street
      Oldham OL1 1SJ England

      On 13/8/05 05:25, "Gerald Lange" <bieler@...> wrote:

      > Regis
      > Likely the breathing mask wouldn't do much good one way or the other
      > at this late date. Far too many contaminants have been ingested by
      > this old body. Thanks for the concern though.
      > My understanding of the process is that a pad is best for application
      > and a brush for wiping away the access. The sheeps wool apparently
      > contains a lanolin that rejects the dusting powder (thus facilitating
      > transfer) and prevents accumulation. As far as I have found, no one
      > manufacturers anything like this anymore. And, besides, I really like
      > having the most appropriate tool; for as you know, "inferior tools
      > corrode the spirit"!
      > Gerald
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