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4456Re: letterpress optimised digital type - INK TRAPPING

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  • Gerald Lange
    Jul 26, 2005

      I think I have found something...

      I had previously not read the final chapter, "The Colorado Project,"
      on Mandel's work in the Southall book. Mandel used the term "cutout"
      for ink trap and "finial" for thorn. The note regarding the problem of
      scale and size with PostScript is of interest as is his suggestion
      that these additions need to be sacrified during printing "leaving
      behind the real intended shape of the character." Southall does spend
      a bit more time with this.


      > >
      > > In this regard I have another question. Discussing ink traps, it is
      > often
      > > claimed that in the old days such skilled punch cutters / font
      > designers as
      > > e.g. J.M. Fleischmann deliberately changed the form of their glyphs
      > on the
      > > punches, precisely because of ink gain matters. Is that so? Did you
      > found
      > > metal punches that prove this? And if that be the case, what exactly
      > those
      > > punch cutters took into account? Did they write down their
      > experiences so as
      > > to hand over their knowledge to progeny?
      > >
      > > As soon as I have cleaned up my messy documentation folders and
      > found the df
      > > paper, I'll inform you.
      > >
      > > Kind regards
      > >
      > > Ludwig
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