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4364Re: [PPLetterpress] What's the point?

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  • Peter Fraterdeus
    Jun 21 1:10 PM
      At 3:40 PM -0400 6/21/05, Harold Kyle wrote:
      >I was delighted to see in the Adobe Creative Suite 2, InDesign has an option
      >to select the Traditional point measurement instead of the Postscript point
      >(InDesign>Preferences...>Units & Measurements...). In this dialog box, the
      >Postscript point measures 72 points to the inch where the Traditional point
      >measures 72.27 (also available are 72.3 and 72.23). Unfortunately, according
      >to www.onlineconversion.com, the REAL traditional printers' measurement was
      >actually 72.5714286 to the inch. This website converts a TeX point to be
      >72.27. Although TeX does predate Postscript, I'd hardly call it traditional.
      >Nice try, though.

      Hi Harold
      Thanks for the tip on www.onlineconversion.com. Certainly the web is deeper and wider all the time ;-)

      Those traditional printers had better measuring sticks than I thought ;-)

      Where exactly does this degree of precision arise in the conversion?
      Looks a lot like statistical fudge to me.

      I note also that the British/US point is= 0.0005 arms-length
      or reverse, 2000 points to the arm's length...

      Also, 1 pica = 12.0500503 point [Britain, US]
      1 pica = 11.9999999 point [TeX]

      Was that King John's arm?


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