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436Re: [PPLetterpress] Re: Dampening Two Sides?

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  • Michael Peich
    Mar 11, 2002
      on 3/10/02 8:10 PM, bielerpr at bieler@... wrote:

      >> This discussion about dampening paper has been VERY useful, and thanks to
      >> all who have contributed such good advice. I don't recall seeing anything
      >> about when work is to be printed on both sides, as in book production. Is it
      >> possible to dampen paper if it's been printed on one side without harming
      >> the previous printing?
      > Dear Katie
      > I once attended a lecture where the well-regarded speaker announced
      > that he had printed the text of his sheets and then had to put them
      > away for a time because he had not yet finished his wood engraving
      > work. Once that was completed, he dampened the paper for the printing
      > of the engravings. My companion and I turned and looked at each other
      > in quizzical surprise. Later, after viewing this fellow's printing, she
      > came over to me with a horrified look on her face.
      > Moral of this little story: If you dampen the paper you are there for
      > the long haul, and sometimes it is a very long haul indeed. You can not
      > redampen without losing the previous impression. Letterpress without its
      > impression just isn't quite near the same sweet song.
      > All best
      > Gerald
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      Dear Katie,

      While Gerry is correct vis-a-vis dampening the paper once again
      through a tub of water (it's the only method I know), if you have a
      dampening box, you can redampen the sheets by placing them in the box
      overnight. Obviously, the foam in the dampening box needs to be moist so
      that the sheets rehydrate. However, you will not achieve the same level of
      damp as you will by printing all the runs when you first dampen the sheets.

      As Gerry said, the best bet is to do it all the first time, hence
      the efficacy of having a dampening box, or some other such enclosure with
      which to keep sheets damp.

      Best of luck, Mike Peich
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