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4300Re: cleaning polymer plates

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  • Gerald Lange
    Jun 9, 2005
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      Once upon a time practically every solvent manufacturer had something
      or other for photopolymer. Varn had Plate Wash D-6. Anchor had
      Fotopoly. Etc.

      There are a few plate washes listed in the Links section here in the
      folder Supplies and Materials. Including Anchor's Aled Plate Wash. I
      use it (it is formulated for rubber, plastic, nylon, dies, wood) but
      it has to be special ordered these days from an Anchor distributor
      (last time I ordered I had to buy a carton). It is fast drying, leaves
      no oily residue, does not effect the materials listed or adhesives
      like sticky back, and is rated as non-toxic.

      I called up my sales rep at Anderson & Vreeland a while back and asked
      him what he recommended. He said any high quality type and plate wash
      will do the trick, and did not have any specific recommendations.

      Gerald Lange

      > As a new subscriber, I checked the archives of this forum to find
      what others were using to
      > clean polymer plates after printing. I've found a number of
      responses but no one seems to
      > want to say This is the best way. Is there a best way to clean plates?
      > Rutherford Witthus
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