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  • Gerald Lange
    Jun 3, 2005
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      This kind of surprises me. I guess I'll have to respectively disagree.

      There are techical reports I could dig up concerning quantitative
      compression and pressure measures of photopolymer plates which I would
      assume have more weight than "our" experiential wisdom or ad hoc
      tests, but clearly, what a waste of effort that would be.


      --- In PPLetterpress@yahoogroups.com, David Wall <applecartpress@y...>
      > > But the hardness rating of a plate has less to do with how deep your
      > > impression can be than it does with ink acceptance and transfer. Any
      > > photopolymer plate, no matter brand or hardness or thickness or
      > > depth, is going to splay under increased printing pressure (that is
      > > self
      > > evident to any seasoned printer). And "gain" is a normal consequence
      > > of
      > > increased impression with the letterpress process. If folks need
      > > impression without splay they would be better off going with a copper
      > > photomechanical engraving mounted on a metal base. There is a
      > > technical
      > > reason for the limitation of thickness and relief (and hardness) in
      > > regard to letterpress formulated plates.
      > Oh come on . . . I haven't been following this thread up until now, so
      > maybe I've missed something---but this sounds like a bunch of baloney.
      > I consider myself an appropriately seasoned printer and I've never
      > found "splay" to be of any more consequence with photopolymer than it
      > is with metal type---which is to say, no consequence at all. If we were
      > using plates similar in durometer to hard rubber stamps I can see where
      > it would be a factor, but I highly doubt that any splay in the plates
      > that any of us use would be noticeable unless you were either
      > deliberately abusing the plate---by which I don't mean simply "deep
      > impression"---or you were somehow measuring in microns---in which case
      > ink squeeze and the amount of ink on the rollers would obliterate any
      > reliable evidence of splay. Perhaps this phenomenon is a factor in
      > flexo printing of screened images in cases where precise color matching
      > of prepress proofs and original artwork is important, but it certainly
      > doesn't play any significant role in letterpress printing from polymer
      > plates.
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