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  • Gerald Lange
    Jun 2, 2005
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      Interesting speculation but I doubt the vacuum is such, in any of
      these machines, to be able to pull a polyester-backed plate into the
      vacuum line. That would sort of be a major engineering flaw. I process
      both steel-backed and polyester-backed plates in my machine and I
      can't imagine this to be the case. While polyester-backed plates are
      certainly flexible (and a bit unnerving to those accustomed to
      steel-backs), they are not flexible enough to be drawn down into that
      thinly etched vacuum line, unless there is something wildly out of
      wack with Jessica's vacuum pump!


      --- In PPLetterpress@yahoogroups.com, typetom@a... wrote:
      > In PPLetterpress@yahoogroups.com, Jessica Spring wrote:
      > >there is now a subtle but visible "plaid" where the vacuum lines
      > more suction.
      > I'm guessing you are using polyester-backed plates and the vacuum
      is sucking
      > hard enough to distort the contact between the plate and the
      negative, by
      > pulling the polyester material into the vacuum lines. I use
      > plates. Never seen any such effect. I wonder if a thin support
      layer beneath the
      > plate material might solve the problem?
      > Pure speculation! but I'd guess it's such a subtle effect that it
      > show on normal text or image areas. You wouldn't notice the plaid if
      the lines
      > had other irregular variations already! A solid pattern with thin
      > would test the limits of the system just about every way possible!
      > Best wishes. Let us know what you discover....
      > Tom
      > Tom Parson
      > Now It's Up To You Publications
      > 157 S. Logan, Denver CO 80209
      > (303) 777-8951
      > http://members.aol.com/typetom
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