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  • Gerald Lange
    May 13, 2005
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      Composition rollers aren't necessarily a pain. Like I said, I've never
      used them but Lewis Allen in _Printing on the Hand Press_ recommended
      them. And his presswork was quite good, to say the least. I'd kind of
      like to know what Victor Hammer used myself. Likely composition.

      Don't trust standardization, trust skill.

      Any decent roller supplier will provide you with the specs you need.
      If they won't, well then, there is something else going on there.


      > Hello People, Well it looks like I need several sets of
      rollers. Since the general
      > concensus is that composition is a pain. Does any one have a
      resource for rubber or some
      > sort of synthetic roller supplier that would have the specific
      dimensions for an OS Pearl #1.
      > This was my main reason for going with the supplier I did . Without
      trucks or old cores
      > getting it right would have been difficult. Thanks, London
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