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4215Re: Tips on where to acquire a letterpress??

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  • Paul W Romaine
    May 11, 2005
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      > But if you do inquire around, don't tell
      > folks you are looking for "a letterpress"! You will be branded
      > immediately. Letterpress is the process/technology. You want a press
      > used for letterpress printing.

      Gerald is quite correct. Unfortunately the usage is enshrined at
      Briarpress (see top link "How to classify a letterpress"). And
      unfortunately, too, there is an historical precedent: John Smith's
      _Printers' Grammar_ (1755 et seq.) makes the same use on the
      titlepage, but it's uncommon. I haven't checked Stower (who used
      Smith), but it's definitely uncommon. (Also, to make things more
      confusing, for any librarian with a manuscripts background, the
      "letterpress" was an 18th C device for making chemical copies of your
      handwritten letter--this was before carbon paper or photocopying. Both
      Jefferson and Franklin owned and use one.)

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