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412Re: [PPLetterpress] Kreene?

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  • typetom@aol.com
    Mar 3, 2002
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      In a message dated 3/3/2002 wayne@... writes:
      << kreene or pvc instead of glass (which I understand absorbs important UVA)

      Hi Wayne,
      I don't believe using glass is a problem due to absorbing too much UV light.
      I have been getting good plates from a home set-up using a glass-covered
      vaccuum frame. Kreene may provide better contact between the negative and the
      plate, however. The problem I had with the glass is that the vaccuum
      apparently bends the glass slightly and thus may cause uneven contact between
      the neg and the plate. Following someone's suggestion on Letpress or PP
      lists, I tried placing pieces of matboard around the plate material, under
      the glass (about the same thickness as the neg and plate material together).
      This supports the glass during vaccuum and has solved the uneven contact.

      My 4 UV flourescent bulbs are about 1 1/2 inches above the plates. Exposure
      time is about 2 1/2 to 3 minutes depending on image detail and design. Sounds
      like you are making a bigger system. Mostly I'm making small plates, most
      less than 5x7, have done a few larger 8x10, though I often expose numerous
      smaller plates at the same time, frequently an 8 1/2 x 11 negative with
      multiple plates under it. I fit in the matboard all around and between the
      plates. (Note also: some difference in hand-washout between small and larger

      I'm glad to hear of others' exposure experience -- I was about to try kreene
      but found the glass unit works fine for me now.
      Let us know how it works for you! Tom

      Tom Parson
      Now It's Up To You Publications
      157 S. Logan, Denver CO 80209
      (303) 777-8951
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