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411Re: [PPLetterpress] Kreene?

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  • Brian Allen
    Mar 3, 2002
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      Wayne -
      I once had a home made exposure system and then later a used machine from
      Anderson & Vreeland. The kreene on the A&V machine covered all the holes in
      the metal vacuum base. The suction of the pump was so strong there was no
      need for any other seal - about 25 psi as I recall. It created a very tight
      bond. The kreene was taped to the base at one end and to a metal rod at the
      other (kreene tightly rolled up) end. the neg/plate was positioned on the
      bed, the vacuum turned on, and the kreene rolled out over the base. The
      suction took hold progressively and the weight of the rod (hanging over the
      front edge of the base) completed the arrangement.
      My home made system was of plywood base, 1x1 inch spacers around the edge,
      and pegboard top, screwed together and sealed with silicone rubber. An
      opening was left in the 1x1 space for the "edging" tool of a hand held Dust
      Devil type vacuum cleaner. The suction of that was actually too much, bowing
      the pegboard, so I opened up some holes of the pegboard. I used clear
      acetate to hold the neg/plate (this was before I knew of the kreene), and
      the static charge it created was awful, bad plates resulting from dust
      covering serifs, etc.
      In both cases the lighting was a closely spaced set of fluorescent bulbs,
      about 2 inches above the exposure frame.
      Hope this helps - I'd be happy to answer further questions.
      Brian Allen
      Mountain View, California
      on 3/3/02 4:39 PM, cutncrease at wayne@... wrote:

      > I've just built myself a neat little A3 exposure unit (8XSylania 350BLs which
      > sit 2 inches above the plate) I'm now attempting the vacuum frame. I've
      > seen much info about using kreene or pvc instead of glass (which I understand
      > absorbs important UVA). Just wondering if anyone could explain how the
      > kreene is sealed around a vacuum blanket and frame in order to create good
      > contact between plate and film. Should I be looking at some kind of
      > snaplock system (like in a vacuum bagging process) or does the sheet of kreene
      > go under a sheet of pvc which is hinged to the frame in a standard
      > manner. Should I be using kreene in a fluro exposure system or is it for
      > single point light sources only? Any help would be much appreciated.
      > Many thanks,
      > Wayne Davis
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