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4065miehle v-50

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  • Greg Beckmeier
    Apr 5, 2005
      Hi everyone!

      I recently bought a paper cutter from a gentleman in Witchita and he also offered me a Miehle V-50 for $200 and said it runs fine. He's tired of selling it on ebay only to have buyers back out when they realize the freight cost.

      I would use it for die-cutting only. My questions are:
      1. Will a v-50 die-cut 24 pt paperboard (SBSC1S).
      2. He told me it looks like a 12 x 18. I thought all v-50's were 14 x 20?
      3. I know it won't crease as well as my Kluge since I assume you can't use matrix, but can it crease adequately for a folding carton?
      4. What's the square root of pie and the quadratic equation? =)


      Greg Beckemeier
      Bullseye Boxes LLC
      1122 Whitegate Ct.
      O'Fallon, MO 63366
      636.410.0188 tel
      314.754.9440 fax

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