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404damping paper

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  • Martyn Ould
    Mar 2, 2002
      Dear Katie

      My experience has always been that it is worth the hassle of damping and
      drying when I want to be sure of a good black. I used Gabriel Rummonds's
      procedures in his 'Printing on the Iron Handpress' even though I was
      printing on a 10x15 C&P. Similarly when I have put sheets through a 30 inch
      proof press. Worth the trouble (and the expense of blotting boards). I live
      on a small damp island in the North Atlantic so damp paper can be a problem
      for me: cockling etc!! Having said that, when I have worked with damp paper
      in the summer (we have those occasionally) it does mean extra trouble to
      keep paper damp (before and between impressions) and to stop it from going
      green. I would always print damp rather than adding a tack reducer - the
      only time I used that was to print on some very soft Japanese handmade.

      Best wishes, Martyn Ould

      The Old School Press
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