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4027Seeking Composer/Choreographer

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  • Peter Fraterdeus
    Mar 31, 2005
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      This posted early AM today at ATypI.

      Ciao e putti verdi!

      Sorry about this ad, but a friend of mine is desperate...

      The Chase Ganderwilde & Heady Ballantine Center for Cross-Media Disciplinary
      Arts and Technology, in Amity MA, USA, is seeking a choreographer-type
      designer who's familiar with both the composition rules of graphic design
      and the forms of modern dance for upcoming multimedia performances of
      Berthold Gosenolde's "Lead Lake," Adam Van Damcam's "Dance of the Happy
      Florins" and Amadeus Shriftengr├╝ber's "Der Princess Unt Der Punch."
      Scheduled for it's first run from the August 1st to the 31st, 2006 at the
      prestigious Gussenberg Theater in Amity, shows will feature both living
      designers and actors portraying, and dancing as might great type designers
      of the past and present.

      Candidates are required to begin work June 1st, 2005 outside of Amity and
      will be expect to complete the first run. Those interested are requested to
      send a resume, a catalog of your type designs, examples of graphic designs,
      as well as DVDs of your dance performances, those of you students and
      teachers, to Abel F. O'Houlahan at the Center, or email to

      Thanks in advance for your help!

      AzByCx DwEvFu GtHsIr JqKpLo MnNmOl PkQjRi ShTgUf VeWdXc YbZa&@

      Peter Fraterdeus http://www.fraterdeus.com http://www.galenaphotos.com
      http://www.dezinecafe.com - designdigerati (r)
      Global Design Community - Free Intercultural Review - now Plone driven!

      http://www.semiotx.com Web Strategy Consulting
      "Words that work."(tm) Communication Design and Typography
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