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3861Re: [PPLetterpress] Ink on plates,

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  • Harold Kyle
    Mar 1, 2005
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      On 3/1/05 9:15 AM, "Gary Mordhorst" <gary@...> wrote:
      > Hold on yourself pilgrim, just trying to keep it simple for new folks.
      > Of course there are no hard and fast rules, including building up rails
      > instead of trucks.

      Sorry if I didn't keep it simple. I should have said simply start by adding
      tape to the rails. Don't monkey with the trucks unless you're having
      problems with slurring.

      > There is no way that your trucks wore down
      > in size. The trucks are rolling and not grinding, and surely you have
      > not found little piles of metal shavings around the press.

      On a Windmill, the trucks are plastic. We have a newer Windmill that was
      never used for printing and its trucks, never used, measure 2.000" versus
      this press's 1.990". The electrical tape, it seems, got a little squishy
      overnight so we're just planning to replace the trucks entirely.

      Your point, that trucks don't typically wear down, is further reason to
      adjust the rails, which do.

      > Everyone does what works for them.

      Agreed. Sorry if I sounded missionary in my post. I was just trying to save
      others from the headache that I've had over the last few weeks dealing with
      trucks of the wrong diameter. By all means, do whatever works.


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