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  • Gary Mordhorst
    Mar 1, 2005
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      Hi Harold,

      Hold on yourself pilgrim, just trying to keep it simple for new folks.
      Of course there are no hard and fast rules, including building up rails
      instead of trucks.

      Roller trucks are manufactured smaller than roller sizes. On a 10 X 15
      C+P, considerably smaller. There is no way that your trucks wore down
      in size. The trucks are rolling and not grinding, and surely you have
      not found little piles of metal shavings around the press.

      Everyone does what works for them. It the only way to set rollers was
      to match up the roller and truck size, what was the purpose in making
      roller height gauges?


      On Mar 1, 2005, at 8:09 AM, Harold Kyle wrote:

      > On 2/28/05 7:33 PM, "Shelly Monte" <thebookcenter@...> wrote:
      > > She placed rubber strips on top of the rubber on the trucks.
      > On 2/28/05 7:21 PM, "Gary Mordhorst" <gary@...> wrote:
      > > Build up the size of your roller trucks by winding electrical tape
      > > around them.  About five times around is good for a 10" X 15".
      > Hold on, there is no hard and fast rule about adding height to the
      > trucks.
      > It may be that five times around worked for Gary, but it might not be
      > the
      > right number for others. Adjusting trucks (or using MERTS) are not for
      > roller height adjustment: they should be adjusted only to the point
      > that the
      > trucks and the rollers have same diameter.
      > In Shelly's case, I would start by taping the rails to the side of
      > the bed
      > that the trucks travel on. This way the rollers are lifted uniformly
      > in
      > relation to the form. It's a lot easier to apply and remove tape on
      > the
      > rails, and there's no risk of roller slur.
      > Oh, slur. We've been battling slur lately so this idea of changing
      > the truck
      > diameter made me shake my head. Apparently, our new rubber rollers
      > have a
      > 2.000" diameter while our trucks measured (due to wear) 1.990". The
      > difference of 10 thousandths of an inch caused us numerous headaches
      > on
      > press; if a line of type was parallel to the rollers, it would appear
      > dark
      > on the top. The roller was not traveling at the right speed over the
      > form.
      > (it was moving too quickly and ended up skidding.) We fixed this
      > problem
      > with one thickness of electrical tape. Now the trucks are 1.999" and
      > the
      > problem has disappeared. If only I could say this problem was easy to
      > solve;
      > I think I tried to fix every other part of the press before I finally
      > found
      > the culprit.
      > Adjusting truck height is a poor way to set roller height because if
      > the
      > trucks are not the same diameter as the rollers you will experience
      > roller
      > slur. Better to set the trucks to the exact diameter of the roller,
      > then
      > adjust the rails upwards until the rollers are the right height.
      > Harold
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