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3772RE: [PPLetterpress]Cyrillic font

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  • Ludwig M. Solzen
    Feb 11, 2005
      > Perhaps someone on the list could recommend a good Cyrillic font that
      > will work on Mac os

      Imho one of the core problems of present day font production: the absence of
      a complete glyph set, for all-round typographical use. Most fonts come only
      with the standard western alphabet (not even with all accents needed for
      setting text in central European languages). So, we will have to content
      ourselves with mixing different fonts...

      I my regard you should, of course, combine fonts of the same face. And even
      then, you will notice that the design of the Latin alphabet glyphs will not
      match with that of the Cyrillic glyphs of the same face (strokes, serifs,
      contrast and so forth). Be very careful in choosing the right fonts, even
      when you stay with the same face.

      In some OpenType edition of good fonts (e.g. several Adobe 'Pro's) you'll
      find a complete Cyrillic alphabet. This is the case for Minion Pro and
      Warnock Pro.

      For my favourite, Bembo, there is alas no Cyrillic alphabet, not even a
      Greek one, although Griffo cut several Greek alphabets for use in the Aldine
      Officina. However (as I said on an earlier occasion), 'Cardo' will soon have
      a Bembo-like Cyrillic and Greek alphabet.

      It's a pity none of the resent Bodoni revivals have a Cyrillic alphabet, nor
      Greek, although Bodoni cut these. The same goes for other much used, fine

      If you would like to use Baskerville, I recommend Linotype's "Baskerville

      *A lot* can be said on this subject!

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