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3770RE: [PPLetterpress] Circular quads

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  • Michael T. Metz
    Feb 11, 2005
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      And for those who like a challenge, the learning curve is a little
      steeper. I use LaTeX (now using a MiKTeX installation) and agree
      with Ludwig on its capabilities; however, do plan to spend a little
      time getting to know it. It's strength is first, like Ludwig mentions,
      its algorithms for setting paragraphs of text that avoid rivers and
      like distractions and second in allowing one to have greater control
      over the typesetting than with other programs. To gain this control,
      however, one needs to know how to control (learning the syntax, and
      understanding the way the program integrates itself).

      Lugwig likely knows this but did not mention that one is not
      limited to using Computer Modern; but again this is trickier. I now
      use Perpetua, but would not like to again go through what it took to
      install it.


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      > “digitally-inclined” indeed.

      Nothing new, but perhaps some here are still not familiar with TeX and its
      huge possibilities. Did you want to set some type in a circular pattern, you
      say? For a sample (digital of course!) just click
      http://www.tug.org/texshowcase/ShowcaseCircular.pdf (attention: it’s pdf!).

      I agree that the default faces (Computer Modern and some typewriter
      companion) are not the most splendid things in fontworld, and not in the
      least fitted for use in fine digital letterpress printing; also the white
      space after the full-stop is a typo-historical and aesthetical mistake,
      which TeX’s developer, Dr Knuth, took over from the unthoughtful 1970s
      typographic standards in the US—but look at the beautifully spaced letters,
      the over-all evenness of colour...
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