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3768Re: [PPLetterpress] Circular quads

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  • Kathleen Whalen
    Feb 11, 2005
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      There are two assumptions for successful use: that you have both parts, and
      that the ends of the printed line within the quads are blank - space is

      First set your line with the spaces and hairspaces you would expect to use,
      all in the stick. While still in the stick, run a piece of cellotape along
      the type, covering the nick.

      Slide the type out and stand it upright on the stone.

      Slide the bottom half of the quad into place, so the type fits the curve
      with the sellotape captured between the type and the quad.

      Slide the top part into place. Pick it up as if it were six lines of type,
      and check that it holds tight.

      Lock in the chase in the standard way, with furniture on all four sides. The
      pressure of normal lock-up has to hold the type in place. No problem on a
      cylinder press, but with a platen there is some little risk that letters
      will adjust themselves out of the chase - you might think candle-wax or
      plasticine would be a solution, but tighter lock-up is the real answer.

      Problems to look out for: if the type is larger than 12 point you may have
      to re-set with spacing adjusted to meet your discerning eye. They work best
      visually with no adjustment needed when using type 14pt and below; the metal
      is not particularly hard, and they do get damaged relatively easily, but
      considering the amount of use they have, they should last a long time; I
      don't think italic type ever looks good in a curve, but you might think it
      does. Full caps works visually sometimes. Rely on your eye!

      Bon voyage!

      Graham Moss
      Incline Press
      36 Bow Street
      Oldham OL1 1SJ England
      (44) 0161 627 1966
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