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3762Re: [PPLetterpress] Circular quads

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  • Gerald Lange
    Feb 10, 2005
      Tom and Barb

      I've seen it also done this way with the tape: Double stick tape is put
      on the line of type that is in the composing stick. That way you can
      also do whatever spacing finesse is required, and proof etc, before you
      attach to the quad material.


      typetom@... wrote:

      >Hi Barb,
      >One method is to put a strip of tape on the inside edge of the curve before
      >you curve it, so the spacing at that edge stays tight. Then lock it with normal
      >lock-up pressure in the circular quads, adjusting the angles of the type as
      >needed. I don't think you have to fill all the angled spaces that are left --
      >as long as it holds.
      >Tom Parson
      >Now It's Up To You Publications
      >157 S. Logan, Denver CO 80209
      >(303) 777-8951
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