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3539Re: [PPLetterpress] Just posted some pictures.. (Hand Guards on C&P's [kind of Off Topic])

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  • Lance Williams
    Jan 4, 2005
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      Ok, I have posted the pictures on the PPLetterpress site of the hand guards installed on our 2 C&P's The 8x12 is a new series, and the 10x15 is a craftsman series. Look Under the Williams Stationery folder in PPLetterpress.

      Lance Williams
      Williams Stationery Co., Inc
      Camden, New York

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      From: Lance Williams
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      Sent: 1/3/2005 10:21:23 PM
      Subject: Re: [PPLetterpress] Just posted some pictures...

      Well, we have 10x15's and 8x12's with the hand guards installed, and they don't use any clips/hooks like this... They are operated by levers on the outside of the platen.... I'll take some pictures tomorrow and post them so you can see what they actually look like installed....

      - Lance Williams
      Williams Stationery Co.
      Camden, NY 13316

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      In a message dated 1/3/2005, petrzed@... writes:
      The second picture is of an unusual metal hook that rides under the platen --
      it extend down into the middle of the press and has a wire that wraps around
      one of the round metal bars that is in front of the press operatrs shins.

      Anyone know what this is for? Pulling the hook doesn't appear to do
      anything, as it is not hooked to anything that moves. Weird.
      Hi Daniel,
      Not sure but I venture a guess it may be a hook to activate a safety system
      that was available for platen presses -- a canvass shield that lifted or rolled
      up in front of the feed table as the platen moved to print. It would keep you
      from reaching into the press as it closed. I think they were common for
      schools, I've only seen one or two on existing presses but I didn't look closely to
      see how they were activated. Somebody on Letpress must still have one!
      Best wishes, Tom

      Tom Parson
      Now It's Up To You Publications
      157 S. Logan, Denver CO 80209
      (303) 777-8951

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