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3520Re: Claude Garamond Promotes His Old Style Typefaces

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  • Gerald Lange
    Jan 2, 2005
      When the iron curtain fell the renowned Czech Printing Office (I think that is who held the Menhart) disposed of all its metal type. I was doing the typographic work on a Czech "related" book at the time and with the help of a representative at Velké Losiny papermill the printer-publisher of the book, Robin Price, was able to secure some of the last of Menhart's Manuscript. We wanted to use it for display. Theo Rehak was able to mill it down but there was a problem so we were only able to use it for reproductions, which were then scanned and digitized. My understanding is that Manuscript and others were directly influenced by the earlier Preissig work.

      At one point Letraset was working on digitizing some of the Czech faces but they were quite "harmonized" for the digital environment and thus lost most of their endearing characteristics. P22 has also digitized some the Czech, I was sent the beta Dyrynkova a while back, and it was quite nice. Don't know if that has been released yet.


      [P22 is recently the owner of the Lanston Type collection. Hopefully there will be further development of the line.]


      > Agreed. I haven't seen much Czech work, but I was impressed
      > with the work of Oldrich Menhart. The prices do seem reason-
      > able for what you get.
      > --Ph. D.
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