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3519Re: [PPLetterpress] Re: Claude Garamond Promotes His Old Style Typefaces

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  • Ph. D.
    Jan 2, 2005
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      Gerald Lange skribis:
      > Paul W Romaine wrote:
      >> Not to quibble, but this sounds late. My notes have
      >> "Paul Beaujon" (Beatrice Warde) publishing in
      >> 1927 _The 1621 specimen of Jean Jannon_.
      > Without consulting any sources, wasn't the appellation
      > Paul Beaujon used before Ms Warde was employed
      > by Monotype? <snip>

      I'm relying on my memory again, but as I recall, English
      Monotype offered "Paul Beaujon" a job sight unseen
      based on "his" writings. "He" accepted, and caused
      quite a stir when Beatrice Warde showed up on the first
      day of work. Perhaps she continued to write under that
      name after taking the job at Monotype.

      > Yeah, Storm is quite a typophile's delight. I am so pleased
      > to see the Czech work being revived. When I happened
      > upon Preissig's work way back when I was still quite wet
      > behind the ears, I first understood the power of typographic
      > letterforms. The prices at Storm are actually quite good
      > relative to what many European foundries have charged
      > for fonts. We have quite denigrated the value of digital
      > fonts in the US right from the get go, consequently some-
      > times the Euro pricing comes as a shock.

      Agreed. I haven't seen much Czech work, but I was impressed
      with the work of Oldrich Menhart. The prices do seem reason-
      able for what you get.

      --Ph. D.
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