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3513Re: Claude Garamond Promotes His Old Style Typefaces

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  • Paul W Romaine
    Jan 1, 2005
      > But later research by Beatrice Warde in the late
      > 1930s showed that those model types were actually designed
      > by Jean Jannon.

      Not to quibble, but this sounds late. My notes have "Paul Beaujon"
      (Beatrice Warde) publishing in 1927 _The 1621 specimen of Jean
      Jannon_. Full citation:

      _The 1621 Specimen of Jean Jannon, Paris & Sedan, Designer & Engraver
      of the Caractères de l'Université, Now Owned by the Imprimerie
      Nationale, Paris_. Edited in facsimile with an Introduction by Paul
      Beaujon. London: Printed at the Chiswick Press for Stanley Morison,
      1927. (Citation from San Francisco Public Library's Garbhorn
      Collection, under Jannon:

      And I agree with Gerald that Storm's "Jannon" *is* very nice.

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