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3512Re: [PPLetterpress] Re: Claude Garamond Promotes His Old Style Typefaces

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  • Ph. D.
    Jan 1, 2005
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      Gerald Lange skribis:
      > Hi
      > You're up late. I read and write at night so... cat naps for
      > me. Just ain't that much time.

      Yeah, I'm really a night person. I do my best work at night.

      > Actually though, to get even further into this, was thinking
      > about this today, even the term "designed" is probably
      > erroneous, no need to get into it, but observation, not
      > criticism. I like that.
      > Nicolas Barker once explained (patiently) to me that the
      > first use of the digital computer was to try and determine
      > the Garamondness of Garamond. At that time, computers
      > were thought of as what they actually are, sophisticated
      > counting machines. They needed ship building software
      > for this purpose because of the curves, only stuff around
      > that would suffice. Well, they didn't find it, but the investigation
      > led to digital type, which still carry a ship building term
      > "spline." Hey.


      > Warde revealed a number of things in the later years that
      > were contra to earlier Monotype policies. The spacing
      > between Garamond and Jannon is something like a
      > generation. I guess one would assume that the later
      > transitionals would be preferred, though one might still
      > cast the coin to the originator.
      > One of my favorite typographic pieces is by Carson, the
      > cover of the RayGun issue that announces the "end of
      > print." The spacing aberration of the masthead is
      > unbelievably brilliant.

      Yes, I want to see some of these. I'm gonna try to dig up
      some copies.

      > Hope you are having a happy new year!

      So far, it's been great! Thanks.

      --Ph. D.
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