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  • Inge Bruggeman
    Aug 22, 2001

      I'm glad to see this list running.

      I'm writing in response to Harold's note:
      ...All this to say that if you care about the quality of your (expensive)
      photopolymer plates, you should not use an exposure unit for alt-process...

      In general I would agree that there are more possibilities for problems when
      using 'low tech' means for making photopolymer plates, however, i believe
      that if a person has time to come to understand how the photopolymer plates
      work that there are a variety of set-ups that can work. I have an exposure
      unit that I made myself with a vacuum frame (I got from an old print shop
      that was going out of business). This vacuum frame slides under my exposure
      unit and I use very thin clear vinyl instead of the Kreene stuff. However,
      when I'm teaching I often use contact frames from Freestyle in Los
      Angeles(instead of travelling with an exposure unit or depending on one to
      be there), and have had excellent results, even with delicate type. This
      contact frame is different from the one previously described in that it has
      very strong spring clips that form a strong and even pressure.

      This contact frame has given me better results than many vacuum frames that
      do not have Kreene or clear vinyl.

      I would definitely recommend taking classes in photopolymer platemaking
      though before using alternative platemaking methods because it would end up
      being very expensive, as Harold said.

      Inge Bruggeman

      Inge Bruggeman of INK-A! Press
      & Textura Letterpress Printing
      1017 SE 34th Avenue
      Portland, OR 97214


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