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3291Re: Vandercook SP-15 Trouble Inking

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  • Gerald Lange
    Dec 10, 2004
      Hmmm. How did I miss this? Think I'm beginning to see what's going on
      here. Yes there are only the two oil holes, which provide fluid
      distribution to the cylinder bearing. But you literally need to apply
      oil to every moving part, especially the rails top and bottom. Wipe
      all the access oil off afterward. I'd also suggest packing those
      nyliners with grease.


      > On another note, can someone tell me where all the oil holes are on the
      > press? I am only able to find 2 - on either side of the cylinder [by the
      > crank].
      > Hope this makes sense. Any help is greatly appreciated!
      > Thanks!
      > Jenni
      > pigweed press
      > somerville, ma
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