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3289Re: [PPLetterpress] Just Getting Started...Is Kelsey A Good Buy For DIY Wedding Invitations?

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  • David S. Rose
    Dec 9, 2004
      It's not so much the cost of materials as it is the cost of the press.
      If you're really looking to learn something new and perhaps do more than
      just this one invitation, and if you would otherwise spend $500-$1000 to
      have someone else print the invitations letterpress, you might want to
      consider a better press from the beginning. A Kelsey, while OK for doing a
      quick run of printing a small amount of image area, is not really the best
      press for an ongoing interest in letterpress. It will also not necessarily
      retain its value over the long haul. You didn't mention how much you're
      thinking of paying, but if it's more than a couple of hundred bucks or so
      (especially missing the ink plate and rollers) you probably should think
      You can get a completely refurbished Chandler & Price Pilot, all ready
      to go, from Dave Churchman for about $800, and dealers like Don Black and
      John Barret also usually have Pilots in stock. Of course, if you're serious
      about taking letterpress up as a longer term avocation and have the space
      and money, you may even want to consider a Vandercook or similar proof press
      (under $2,000).
      Good luck with your invitations, and take a look at the Introduction to
      Letterpress Printing, at www.fiveroses.org/intro.htm.

      -David S. Rose
      Five Roses Press
      New York, NY

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      > Date: Thu, 9 Dec 2004 08:28:22 -0800 (PST)
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      > Subject: [PPLetterpress] Just Getting Started...Is Kelsey A Good Buy For DIY
      > Wedding Invitations?
      > I have been looking for a tabletop press for awhile
      > and have finally found one for sale in my area. It
      > needs new rollers and a new ink plate (or repair to
      > the ink plate). It is a Kelsey, which I know is not
      > highly regarded for quality. I am trying to figure
      > out if this is a good purchase for me. I plan to use
      > it to print my wedding invitations (which do not have
      > to be finished until April, so I do have a bit of time
      > to practice). I plan to use the press with
      > photopolymer plates and will make about 100. Time and
      > cost of materials is not a large concern because the
      > main objective is a good excuse to learn something
      > new, but I would like for the end result to look
      > professional. I would really appreciate any
      > feedback.
      > Thank you.
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