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3288RE: [PPLetterpress] Vandercook SP-15 Trouble Inking

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  • Jenni Won
    Dec 9, 2004

      I have a galley bed with a bed plate inserted. I'm not sure about the serial
      or the diameter of the rollers since I'm away from my studio at the moment,
      but they're definately larger than 2" - I'd say around 2.5", maybe 3" if I
      had to guess. Indeed, I'm using a Boxcar base - definately don't think
      that's the issue.

      The rollers seem to be in fine shape - soft like a pink eraser and not
      flared. When the system is inking at start position, everything turns
      properly. However, it is when I go to print that the rollers stop rolling
      and start to drag, scraping ink across my plate. I've had better luck
      placing single lines of text or long skinny graphics parallel, lengthwise
      to the "dead line" since there's less length to scrape across.

      Perhaps, the ink is too tacky? Maybe, since the overall form is so small
      that it's not generating enough traction? Regardless, I've done a number of
      similar projects on the Vandy and this has never been an issue. Then again,
      I've never printed in the winter. The temperature was somewhat warm but not
      overbearingly so in the studio.


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      Jenni--Lots of problems here and it could be many things. Do you have a
      bed or type high bed? If not sure, send me the serial # and I'll look it
      up. The
      rollers may be bad--i.e., worn, swollen, etc. The rear roller is gear
      driven and
      through the ink vibrator, the front roller is thus driven, so I'm puzzled
      "dragging" rollers. And if you're getting the plate inked with the
      vibrator in
      the up position, then the whole inking system is defeated. And that means
      something is really out of whack. More information is needed--type of
      thickness of plate material, etc plus what type of press you have (galley
      type high), and diameter of ink rollers. When everything is sized
      properly, the
      press should work as advertised with minor adjustments.


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      From: "Jenni Won" <jenniwon@...>
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      Sent: Thursday, December 09, 2004 10:05 AM
      Subject: [PPLetterpress] Vandercook SP-15 Trouble Inking

      > Hello,
      > I have a Vandercook SP-15 which is recently having trouble inking.
      > While running a job using photopolymer plates, the rollers left behind
      > uninked and overly inked areas - the coverage was uneven and
      inconsistent. I
      > was able to deduce that the form rollers were dragging across the plate
      > rather than rolling across them. It seems that the big metal roller on
      > vibrator assembly was applying too much pressure to the form rollers,
      > preventing them from properly rolling. Leaving just the vibrator
      assembly in
      > the up position when rolling across the form seemed to temporarily solve
      > problem. Also note that the inking problems weren't consistent among
      > different forms - the varying amounts of printing area yielded different
      > results. I spent a good portion of an afternoon cleaning the roller
      blocks -
      > the nyliners were in great shape - but this didn't solve the issue.
      > Adjusting the rollers also didn't make any difference.
      > On another note, can someone tell me where all the oil holes are on the
      > press? I am only able to find 2 - on either side of the cylinder [by the
      > crank].
      > Hope this makes sense. Any help is greatly appreciated!
      > Thanks!
      > Jenni
      > pigweed press
      > somerville, ma
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