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3277Vandercook SP-15 Trouble Inking

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  • Jenni Won
    Dec 9, 2004
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      I have a Vandercook SP-15 which is recently having trouble inking.

      While running a job using photopolymer plates, the rollers left behind both
      uninked and overly inked areas - the coverage was uneven and inconsistent. I
      was able to deduce that the form rollers were dragging across the plate
      rather than rolling across them. It seems that the big metal roller on the
      vibrator assembly was applying too much pressure to the form rollers,
      preventing them from properly rolling. Leaving just the vibrator assembly in
      the up position when rolling across the form seemed to temporarily solve the
      problem. Also note that the inking problems weren't consistent among
      different forms - the varying amounts of printing area yielded different
      results. I spent a good portion of an afternoon cleaning the roller blocks -
      the nyliners were in great shape - but this didn't solve the issue.
      Adjusting the rollers also didn't make any difference.

      On another note, can someone tell me where all the oil holes are on the
      press? I am only able to find 2 - on either side of the cylinder [by the

      Hope this makes sense. Any help is greatly appreciated!


      pigweed press
      somerville, ma

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