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3274Re: [PPLetterpress] Just Getting Started...Is Kelsey A Good Buy For DIY Wedding Invitations?

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  • Ph. D.
    Dec 9, 2004
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      meg lambert said:
      > I have been looking for a tabletop press for awhile
      > and have finally found one for sale in my area. It
      > needs new rollers and a new ink plate (or repair to
      > the ink plate). It is a Kelsey, which I know is not
      > highly regarded for quality. I am trying to figure
      > out if this is a good purchase for me. I plan to use
      > it to print my wedding invitations (which do not have
      > to be finished until April, so I do have a bit of time
      > to practice). I plan to use the press with
      > photopolymer plates and will make about 100. Time and
      > cost of materials is not a large concern because the
      > main objective is a good excuse to learn something
      > new, but I would like for the end result to look
      > professional. I would really appreciate any
      > feedback.
      > Thank you.

      What size Kelsey is it? How much does the seller
      want for it?
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