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3091Vandercook rack weirdness

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  • crowmedia2001
    Nov 8, 2004
      I know that "weirdness" does not qualify for a technical description
      for a press problem. That said, I don't get this one. I was printing
      along on Vandy Uni and I heard that profound and dreaded K-thunk and
      the cylinder halted mid cycle. I though it was piece of furniture,
      etc. But no. I turned it off, pulled it back and pushed it through
      manually to discover that the rear short track (rack) on the motor
      side was loose and had sheared the three bolts right off. The bolts
      must have worked themselves loose over time, but why would th erack
      have lifted just enough to be caught by the cylinder head?

      I looked under the rack and there was an approximately 6pt shim with
      bolt holes that ran the length between 2 of the 3 bolts (maybe 5
      inches). But the forward part of the rack (toward the print bed and
      before the floating rack section didn't have a metal shim, just some
      thin mylar strips. The rack actually has a slight warp to it from
      years of this configuration.

      Is this a normal set-up? Is the cylinder, in fact, lifted up about 6
      pts on that side for a particular reason. A 6pt lift for the rest of
      that section of the rack would make it higher than the floating rack
      it seems.

      And now that I;ve replaced it, I'm deathly afraid to turn it back on.
      I tried calling Fritz at NA Graphic to no avail. Are there any
      Vandercook techs in here that might be able to help?

      Many thanks,

      James Dissette
      Songs Before Zero Press
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