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308Re: another possible factor in exposing plates

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  • Marnie Powers
    Jan 11, 2002
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      I'm so glad that I joined this list. I've learned so much already! Your
      referrals have been extraordinarilly helpful, and the discussion is to
      the point and interesting.


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      Marnie Powers wrote:

      > I'm willing to explain the stochastic screen to the best of my ability.
      > As I understand it, it is not a random screen. Under a loupe it looks
      > very similar to the grain of photographic film and paper. The screen
      > applies a spattered pattern to the image, the dots occurring more
      > frequently in dark areas than in the light areas. In terms of fooling the
      > eye into thinking it's seeing grayscale, stochastic is the most effective
      > screen currently availabe. Software is expensive, and I have my
      > service bureau do it. It's not used for offset prepress work however, so
      > finding a provider can be a little challenging.

      Dear Marnie

      Have you tried ISIS Icefields (grayscale software, renders
      stochastic, available as a plug-in for Photoshop)? Heard great
      things, especially for inkjet.



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      Marnie Powers-Torrey
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