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3048Letterpress in the dirt.

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  • letpresslist@bluebarnhouse.org
    Oct 4, 2004
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      I was just in Hollywood CA and found this wicked card that was
      letterpressed onto paper that had marigold seeds in it, and according
      to the card you can plant this card in your backyard (or a pot in your
      studio) and grow a patch of flowers. All of the cards I saw were
      celebrating the day of the dead, (I think marigolds are the "official
      flower" for this day).

      The company is named siembra. Their web address is
      www.siembracards.com : though the site is as about a spartan as one can
      get. (to the point where they tell you the street they live on, but
      not the city, state, or country. )

      But my question:

      Where does one find this fabulous paper? Are there varieties? Or do
      you think they might make it themselves?

      Thanks in advance for you wisdom, o practioners of letterpress.

      Take care,

      Brandon Mise
      Blue Barnhouse
      Asheville NC

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