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3046Re: [PPLetterpress] Windmill Registration Problem

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  • Keith Berger
    Oct 4, 2004
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      Wow, you all made for a good Monday!!! Although I didn't ink up, I did
      watch the card in slow-mo and I did notice the tail end of the card was
      going over top of the [ fly wheel side] pin. So I put a longer pin in
      the guide and it looks to be better. Tomorrow I will ink up and see if
      it PRINTS better, that will be the real test.

      I will keep you posted.

      Thank You!!!!


      On Oct 4, 2004, at 3:03 PM, Printer wrote:

      > Every-other-sheet misregistration is a common scenario.  When I can't
      > fix something by adjusting this or that, I go back to Square One, so
      > to speak, by running a sheet through in slow motion.  That is, I turn
      > on the press, and have the sucker bar pick up a sheet and let the
      > gripper bar grab it.  Stop the press right at the point where the
      > gripper bar has grabbed the sheet, but before it has started to swing
      > in to the platen.  Now shut off the motor and let the flywheel stop
      > spinning.  Now you can open the hatch on the flywheel's safety cover,
      > engage the clutch, and start turning the press by hand.  Watch the
      > sheet carefully as it is being brought in to the side guides, and look
      > for places where the sheet is getting hung up or misaligned.  What I
      > would look for is:
      > Is the sheet too close to/too far from the bottom guides?
      > Is one end of the sheet slipping off the bottom guide?
      > Are the bottom guides aligned well with the bottom of the platen? 
      > Does the front of the sheet get pulled against the front guide before
      > the gripper releases it, or is it released just a little in front of
      > that guide?
      > Does each gripper arm grab the same amount of paper, or is there a
      > big difference?  This would indicate that one arm is way out of
      > alignment.
      > Because you are getting crookedness, I would suspect that one end of
      > the sheet isn't landing on the side guide, and maybe is slipping
      > between the guide and the platen.  There is a little widget that
      > slides onto the track under the bottom edge of the platen that is made
      > for this kind of situation- it keeps the sheet a little off the platen
      > until the side guides are up and in position.  Alternatively, you can
      > cut a little triangle flap in the tympan and curl the point up a bit,
      > at the end where the sheet is slipping down.  This pushes it off the
      > platen just enough to catch the side guide.
      > Good luck with this.  These things can be really frustrating and each
      > windmill has it's peculiarities, in my experience.  But you can figure
      > out a lot when you turn it by hand and look at what is going on
      > carefully.  It may not be the gripper arms causing your problem, in
      > the end.  Cast out all preconceptions and put your trust in empirical
      > observation!!  ;^)
      > Joel
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