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304RE: [PPLetterpress] Re: another possible factor in exposing plate s

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  • Brian Molanphy
    Jan 9, 2002
      katie wrote, in part:

      'If you render an 85-line halftone on a 300 dpi
      > printer and compare it to an 85-line halftone rendered on a 1200 dpi
      > printer, the 1200 dpi printer output will appear sharper, crisper and with
      > better tonal rendition. If you look at both through a magnifier, you will
      > see that the dots are the same size, but the 1200 dpi dot is finer and
      > crisper.'
      i get this, basically. but if polymer plates have a 'limit' of about
      150 lpi or 300 dpi, what use is the 1200 dpi file ? the file, or the
      laserprint, may have more detail, but will that detail show up on a polymer
      plate? this question may be more meaniful if, for example, one is committing
      the heresy that i do, which is to generate negatives on my 600 dpi laser

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