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3039[Fwd: 13-digit ISBN Dates to Remember]

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  • Gerald Lange
    Oct 3, 2004

      13-digit ISBN Dates to Remember – An Important Message to All Publishers

      You are receiving this notice from Bowker, the U.S. ISBN Agency, as a publisher currently using ISBNs in book trade transactions. If you have received this notice in error please use the unsubscribe information at the bottom of the e-mail. Otherwise, this message contains important information which you should save and act upon, as appropriate to your situation.

      Bowker is committed to working with the publishing industry throughout the transition from 10 to 13 digit ISBNs. To that end, we would like to make you aware of some key points listed below. We will continue to communicate with the industry with helpful reminders and new information as it becomes available.

      · As of January 1, 2007, all book and book-related products must carry 13-digit ISBNs.

      · All 10-digit ISBNs in circulation will have the 3-digit EAN prefix “978” added (which currently represents the book industry).

      · This 13-digit ISBN is already represented, and will be identical, to current EAN bar codes carrying ISBN with the “978” prefix.

      · All 10-digit ISBNs must be converted to the 13-digit format and all systems will need to be able to accommodate its use in this format (for publishers interested in converting their 10 digit ISBNs to 13-digit, Bowker will have a conversion utility available on www.isbn.org and www.bowkerlink.com in 2005).

      · Now is the time to submit your title information to Books In Print. Every ISBN registered will automatically be converted to 13-digits.

      · As each ISBN Agency exhausts its supply of 10-digit ISBNs in various prefix ranges, the International ISBN Agency will issue complete 13-digit ISBNs carrying the new EAN prefix “979”.

      · The U.S. ISBN Agency will start issuing 13-digit ISBNs with the “979” prefix only when the International Agency makes them available.

      · The EAN prefix “979” cannot be used on existing 10-digit ISBNs.

      · All bar codes will carry the 13-digit ISBN with hyphenations above the bar code, and the EAN 13-digit identical number, without hyphens or spaces, below the bar code.

      Information on the Implementation & Guidelines of the 13-digit ISBN can be found on the International ISBN Agency site at
      http://www.isbn.org/standards/home/isbn/international/index.asp Or visit the U.S. ISBN Agency site at www.isbn.org and access “Transition to 13-digit ISBN”.

      If you have any questions regarding the move to the 13-digit ISBN please contact the U.S. Agency at isbnrevision@....

      Thank you.

      Doreen Gravesande
      Senior Director ISBN/SAN/PAD Data Acquisition

      R.R. Bowker, LLC
      630 Central Ave., New Providence, NJ 07974 USA