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3036Re: Seeking advice for purchasing a tabletop press

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  • David Beckham
    Oct 2, 2004
      I have a C&P Pilot (which I completely stripped and repainted black
      when I got it) mounted on a wood stand with wheels located in Canoga
      Park (near LA). I also have a single Hamilton type cabinet (which I
      got without a top), four trays of type (don't remember the fonts off-
      hand and the trays are still taped over from when we moved), a bunch
      of coins, various cuts, some furniture, some ink. I'd like to sell
      the lot all at once for $750 (though I will certainly consider other
      offers). One gentleman asked about just the press and wanted it
      shipped (which would be fairly expensive as it's heavy and would have
      to be very carefully packaged--but could be done). The only thing I
      know that's out on the press is it's missing the little hairpin
      spring that (if I remember right) pops the paper lifter up or down.
      Press seemed to work OK without it. The rollers have only been used
      to print a couple of small jobs and are a couple of years old.

      When I bought the Hamilton cabinet I dis-assembled it and brought it
      home in the car, then put it back together (I guess it could be
      shipped too--but the whole thing would be easiest in a pick-up or
      small U-Haul.)

      I may be out of line on the price, but I'm going by what I paid (and
      the amount of work in refinishing the press ;-). Anyone is welcome
      to express what they think it should bring.

      Best regards,
      David Beckham

      --- In PPLetterpress@yahoogroups.com, "Leah Smith" <leah@a...> wrote:
      > I'm looking for advice on pricing for a small tabletop press.
      > I'm a novice printer and am looking to purchase a small press. I
      > I've been looking at the C&P Pilot but also found a 9x12 Table
      > Top Platen, completely gone over, good used rollers set up
      > ready to print for $1300.00. I believe it's made by Craftsman and
      > looks exactly like the Pilot. Is it "less valuable" because it's
      > made by C&P?
      > If I bought it and later decided to sell it would I be able to get
      > $1300 for it?
      > This is a fairly rare press. Would I have difficulty finding parts
      > it or someone to work on it, if needed, in the Bay Area? I'd prefer
      > this over the Pilot because of the larger chase.
      > Is this a fair asking price? From what I've read on briarpress.org
      > it says to expect to pay $700 for a Pilot. This same company is
      > selling a Pilot for $1100 with new rollers.
      > I'd be having this shipped from the East Coast. Is that foolish or
      > are there places in the San Francisco Bay Area that I should be
      > looking into for presses?
      > What other questions should I be asking? Thank you very much
      > for any advice you might offer.
      > -Leah
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