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2933Forwarded Mail: Zida's Invitation

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  • Gerald Lange
    Sep 7 11:35 AM
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      Dear Gerald

      I think it's against the law to send attachments to the group but I am
      sending this to you personally to see if you might be able to post it
      in some way. I would love to meet some of the ppletterpressers if they
      are in LA for my 20 year retrospective and this is the easiest way to
      get the word out to them w/o trying to find all their snailmail addresses.

      The show will remain up through October.

      Thanks for whatever you can do.


      Studio Z Mendocino
      tel 707.964.2522
      fax 707.964.0850
      Visit our fabulous web site!

      [The PDF is in the File Folder: Member Announcements - Gerald]